Easy To-Do Lite is a Task Manager for easy handling, which includes the functions necessary to record, organize and plan all your tasks.

Basically the program allows you to create new tasks identifying common fields, titles, descriptions, priority task types, grades, sources, resource requirements, start dates, end dates and delivery or project completion time. In addition, the program allows you to schedule messages and link them to all kinds of files such as images, text documents or web pages, The program is highly customisable allowing you to create your own filters or categories, launch search tasks, organize tasks by fields, customize functions listed in the toolbar and other possibilities such as changing fonts or changing the working environment. Note that some options are only available in the professional version which requires an upgrade to use.

When it comes to organising, you need a tool which makes life easier not harder and Easy To-Do Lite does exactly that.

Easy To-Do helps you manage your To-Do lists. It is a simple but powerful program to help you remember all those important little tasks you have to do, at home or in the office.

With Easy To-Do you can become more efficient and get more things done in less time. Easy To-Do can also function as project-management software, letting you assign tasks to a resource, e.g. a project or a person responsible for the task.

Easy To-Do Lite


Easy To-Do Lite 2.0.0

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